Executive Director


Job Description: Executive Director


Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is the lead in Shelter operations and has the responsibility of developing programs for the Society to increase adoption rates, increase revenue and promoting the Spay/Neuter facility housed within the Shelter. Additionally, the Executive Director is responsible for the implementation of policies set by the Board of Directors. The Executive Director oversees operations to ensure the mission and vision of the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society is carried out.

The Executive Director is responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its annual goals and financial objectives, and to oversee the administrative management of the organization. The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring the effective operation of the Shelter in accordance with the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1990 and adhere to all other pertinent legislation that may apply.

The Executive Director shall also prepare, attain and administer external grants, and perform other tasks as required.

The Executive Director’s Areas of Responsibility

  1. Fundraising & Financial Responsibilities:
    1. Ensure adequate funds are available to permit the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society to carry out its work by developing and maintaining sound financial practices
    2. Manage and direct the design and implementation of fundraising activities
    3. Prepare or assist with the application of external grants always seeking to raise operating revenue
    4. Assist with preparation and of the annual budget and ensure that the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society operates within budget
    5. Submit fundraising proposals and ensure fundraising records and documentation are complete
    6. Develop programs for the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society to increase adoption rates, and educate and promote spaying and neutering and the Spay/Neuter clinic
    7. Raise operating revenue for the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society through new and established campaigns
    8. Develop and maintain relationships with existing and prospective donors including, First Nation communities, corporations, foundations, community organizations, community and corporate volunteer leaders, and individuals
    9. Conduct and solicit Major Gift donations.


  1. Leadership Responsibilities:
    1. Provide inspired and motivating leadership to staff, volunteers and donors
    2. Maintain professional, working relationships with other animal welfare organizations in an effort to further our cause and realize the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society’s mission and values
    3. Promote good public relations in accordance with Thunder Bay & District Humane Society practices and seize opportunities to strengthen our professional image and manage crisis communications as necessary
    4. Provide leadership in developing program, organizational and financial plans with the Board of Directors and carry out plans and policies authorized by the Board
    5. Seek and foster Ambassador Group volunteers and train these volunteers in areas of the organization’s work and activities while focusing on diversity and need of individuals within the program
    6. Raise awareness of Thunder Bay & District Humane Society programs and contributions to the District by publicizing, in a strong positive image, the activities of the organization, its programs and goals
    7. Be the face of the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society with media relations


  1. Management & Supervision Responsibilities:
    1. Support staff and volunteers including OSPCA Agents, Spay & Neuter Clinic staff in an effort to provide quality service to adopters and animals in care
    2. Recognize staff, volunteers and donors and their individual contributions to the success of the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society
    3. Ensure current official records and documents, (including animal adoptions and bring-in logs) are compliant with federal, provincial and local legislation
    4. Assist OSPCA agents with cruelty complaints in a timely and appropriate manner, as per the OSPCA Act, 1990.
    5. Oversee the recruitment, employment and release of all personnel, both paid staff and volunteers. Ensure employee files and contracts are 100% complete on hire and prior to the employee commencing employment
    6. Conduct periodic performance and salary reviews of staff
    7. Scheduling and tracking of staff absences and if necessary approval of overtime
    8. Plan, assign and direct the work of employees and reward and discipline employees. Address complaints and resolve problems
    9. Ensure that job descriptions are developed, regular performance evaluations are carried out and that sound human resource practices are in place
    10. See that an effective team is in place, with appropriate provision for succession plans
    11. Encourage staff and volunteer development
    12. Maintain a climate that attracts, keeps and motivates a diverse staff of top quality people
    13. Develop programs for the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society focusing on increasing adoption rates, and promoting and educating the benefits of spaying and neutering
    14. Ensure the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society website is kept current including upcoming events and existing animals in care
    15. Effectively manage resources for the maximum benefit of the organization
    16. Execute operating budget annually
    17. Advertise for and accept applications for vacant positions and interview potential candidates


  1. Responsibilities to the Board of Directors:
    1. Keep the Board fully informed on the condition of the organization and all important facts influencing it
    2. Jointly, with the Chair and Secretary of the Board, conduct official correspondence of the organization including the execution of legal documents
    3. Participate fully on Board committees and attend committee meetings. Be prepared to discuss the analysis and resolution of key committee issues and make recommendations to the committee
    4. Assist in developing the Strategic and Financial Plan, annual operating and fundraising plans of the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society.
    5. Provide information and advice to the Board Chair in the creation of policies and programs while focusing on the Strategic and Financial Plan
    6. Advise the Board of significant developments and trends in the field of animal welfare
    7. Prepare monthly reports summarizing shelter statistics and funding activities completed
    8. Prepare annual reports summarizing shelter activities and statistics and present at the Annual General Meeting
    9. Inform the Board of any opportunities and challenges including but not limited to staff, volunteers and donors
    10. Advise of current media coverage, public relations and fundraising campaigns
    11. Carry out such other duties and tasks as may be assigned by the Board Chair from time to time.


  • People skills – mediation, cultivation, empathy, and celebration
  • Communications of all kinds
  • Leadership
  • Relationship building; interpersonal skills
  • Conflict management
  • Delegation
  • Financial management
  • Local community network
  • How to leverage to build consensus, using the right communications, building networks and coalitions.
  • Public relations.
  • Political astuteness; handling conflicting views, maintaining integrity
  • Analytical skills.
  • Fundraising acumen especially as it relates to the process of cultivating and developing long-term relationships.