Saturday July 28th there will be a YARD SALE!!

A variety of items and baked good will be sold <3 Come and check out all of the goodies and be sure to tell your friends!! 100% of the proceeds goes directly to the Shelter and its animals <3<3
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Our blind kittens having a great time playing!
More info about these kittens is on our page!
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22 hours ago

Thunder Bay & District Humane Society

These 4 kittens came to us just over a week ago. They are about 5 weeks old. They were a little on the wild side but have been becoming friendlier and friendlier each day. 2 out of the 4 of them are blind or mostly blind, they might be able to see some light and outlines but run into things constantly. 1 of the kittens with full sight is severely underweight and so much smaller than his litter mates, but he has gained about a 1/4 of his body weight in just 7 days and continues to improve. Our Vet has been fostering these kittens and keeping a close eye on them. We are hoping to find them adoptive homes now while they are so young and get them into those homes so they can grow and figure things out while they are little. It took them about 5 days to figure out where their litter box was consistently but haven't had any accidents outside the box for a few days. These blind kittens cannot be adopted alone so as a result we would like to place one seeing kitten and one blind kitten in each home. If the blind kittens get lost in the room they cry and one of their siblings will come find them.
This is a very special bunch of kittens and we truly hope that we can find them the perfect homes!
Check out this video of the kittens playing! Its too adorable not to share!
Our Blind Kittens.
If you would like more information or if you think you would make a good home for 2 of these kittens please email
Here's a bit of info on living with a blind kitten.
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