THANK YOU to our friends with the potty mouths at Hydro One Remote Communities!!! Their swear jar donations was put towars this box of goodies 🤗 This brought a smile to all of us here after a slightly chaotic morning.

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Has your Humane Society adopted pet always dreamed of being famous ?! 🌟

Enter to win a chance for your rescue pet to be featured in our 2019 TBDHS Calendar. 13 photo's will be selected for our Calendar but there is only ONE cover winner.
The lucky winner will receive a dinner for 2 at 5 Forks Restaurant and a gift basket for your pet!

How it works:
1:Enter the best picture of your pet (must be adopted for the Humane Society as we really want to share their success stories) in the comment section with a brief story about how they have impacted your life or even a fun fact about their personality!
2: Like our page!
3: Share this post!
Contest closes on August 31st @ 6pm. We will announce the winner as soon as possible, as we are sure this wont be an easy contest to judge.

** Pictures used for the calendar will be taken by Tuff Scruff Pet Photography **
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We love when our community takes initiative to raise money on our behalf. We kindly ask that you contact us to provide the professional letter when approaching businesses.

Unfortunately there may have been some misrepresentation of our shelter and we hope it is a misunderstanding. We have also been notified that there may be a person(s) going door to door collecting money on our behalf, this is not something that we have organized.

If there is ever any doubt about donation collection, please contact the shelter at (807) 475-8803 or email

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