Surrendering an Animal

At the Thunder Bay & District Humane Society, we understand that sometimes life happens and you run into issues with owning an animal. With that being said, we need to protect our animals within our shelter and the animals entering. If you are thinking of surrendering your animal to us, please make sure you complete the following:


The animal MUST have proper up to date Veterinarian paperwork. 

The animal will require Veterinarian records within the last 6 months. 

You MUST call us to schedule a meet and greet with the animal.  


* Please note that we will no longer be doing animal surrenders on Saturday & Sundays.  You will need to call us at 475-8803 in order to schedule a surrender. Please do not show up at the shelter with an animal, we will no longer be able to assist unless scheduled*

Surrender Fees:

Adult Dog: $200

Senior Dog (+7): $100

Puppy (under 1 year): $25

Adult Cat: $100

Senior Cat (+7): $50

Kitten (under 1 year): $25

Small Animals: $50

*Additional charges will be applied for microchips, spaying and neutering, rabies vaccinations, vet checks, and any otherwise assigned.