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Student (Community Hours)

Purpose of role:

To obtain community service hours to put towards graduation, all while assisting within the shelter completing various tasks



  • Must meet age requirements (over 14 years of age with adult supervision/signed parental or guardian consent, 16 years of age with signed parental or guardian consent, or 18 years of age or older)
  • Able to lift 15 pounds
  • Able to assist with tedious tasks including (but not limited to) dishes, laundry, general maintenance of building (i.e sweeping and mopping floors, taking out garbages, cleaning windows, surfaces, etc).
  • Familiar with animal behaviours and body language
  • Able to work with minimal supervision once trained
  • Able to work with all animal species (cats, dogs, small animals, reptiles, etc).
  • Able to communicate with Animal Care Staff or CEC if animal medical or behavioral issue arises
  • Stay consistent with logging hours (signing in and out) and maintaining a commitment to shifts
  • Follow all shelter protocols, practices and instructions as directed by TBDHS

    Primary Tasks/Responsibilities:

    • Cleaning of shelter: Dishes, Laundry, Donation Organization, Garbages, Recycling, Poop Scooping when weather permits, Kennel Cleaning when needed
    • Providing play and/or exercise with animals
    • Providing visual and vocal stimulation to animals
    • Mild grooming (i.e brushing)
    • Relaying information to Animal Care Workers or CEC if any underlaying issues arise
    • Documentation of hours


    As per TBDHS recruitment expectations, Volunteers must complete:

    TBDHS Volunteer application form

    Interview with Community Engagement Coordinator (in-person, Zoom or Facetime)

    Once accepted, complete an in-person tour and orientation


    Note: Due to a high volume of Student Applications, only those who are accepted for quarter will be contacted to move forward.

    We appreciate your patience.

      Please note at this time that evenings are for EVENTS only
    • Please summarize (in detail) your reason for wanting to volunteer with TBDHS and include any special skills and qualifications you have acquired from employment or other activities.
    • Please summarize your previous volunteer experience (Please click below if you have not Volunteered in the past)
    • Personal References (not related)

    • Person to notify in case of Emergency

    • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.